Grade 7 Balloon Debate

On 4 December 2018, Grade 7 students took part in a thrilling and intellectually stimulating Balloon Debate. Each student chose one historical figure or pop culture icon, did some research and participated in a high-stakes scenario for all of us to follow, enjoy and learn. A balloon debate is a scenario in which the students, posing as cultural figures, are on a sinking hot air balloon, and the only way to keep the balloon from falling is by throwing someone out. Using superior spoken English skills, each student who participated had to convince the jury and the audience why their chosen character should not be thrown off the balloon. The students used the character’s accomplishments, biographies and skills. It was quite thrilling to see, and it even became heated at times!

The students impersonated people from all kinds of fields, time periods and skills; we learned all about the lives and thoughts of entertainers like Madonna and Michael Jackson, inventors like Alexander Graham Bell and great minds like Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci and Aristotle. We all gained a lot from this activity, and it shows just how clever and convincing our students can be while thinking on their feet in a high-stakes situation like a balloon debate!