Grade 4 General Knowledge Competition

7th December 2018

Selected students from Grade 4 participated in a General Knowledge Competition. There were 4 teams, the Birds: Nehir Demir (4A), Zeynep Nuray (4B) and Andreas Mihail Gün (4C); the Mammals: Sofia Ayvatoğlu (4A), İlker Ünveren (4B) and Vera Belova (4C); the Reptiles: Ece Gürol (4A), Kerem Evcilerli (4B) and Arda Şahin (4C); and the Fish: Levent Çakmur (4A), Nehir Aytekin (4B) and Deniz Maraşoğlu (4C). All the students made a valiant effort to compete in all categories from Animals to States of Matter. The Birds were the overall winners but we are very proud of all the contestants and grateful to the audience for their enthusiastic support. Well done Grade 4!