Our World Portfolio Show

After months of preparation, the Grade 2 Show was held on the 31st of May. During the morning the whole of grade two was brimming with excitement, students showing off their costumes, acting out last minute rehearsals and singing the songs for the performance.

Students from 2C and 2A delighted the audience with their performance of

H2O, a song filled journey through the water cycle. 2C kicked off with the first part of the story with hydrogen and oxygen atoms joining to become water and start the journey to the sea. Some joke telling seaside children splashed in the sea before the water was heated by a shimmering sun and his dancing sunbeams. The water vapour went on to continue the journey in the sky.

2C sang their hearts out and gave a very confident performance. Congratulations 2C.

Then 2A took to the stage to complete the H2O story, delivering a unique twist with arguing winds who were dealt with by a very able weather forecaster and her fantastic technology. Then we had the snowflakes with their exquisite dance. Jack Frost crept about stealthily to bite toes and nip noses before everyone was melted, turning into rain and the whole cycle began again.

Finally, 2B took the stage with their wonderful interpretation of The Great Kapok Tree, complete with jungle stage props, hopping frogs, slithering snakes and ssslllloooooowwww sloths. The performance gave the audience some laughs, an important conservation message and some beautiful singing. Well done 2B.

It was an amazing performance in which the children showed just how well they understand English and how much they have learned over the last year.